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Visionary Management 2021

Pioneers: interview collection of Japanese executives implementing innovative management policies

Visionary Management 2021 is a compilation of interviews with the executives of more than 100 companies that are hiring regardless of nationality. We compiled their forward-thinking management style and principles in this eBook, categorizing companies by business activities, size, and area.
We hope that this eBook will help you understand the evolving situation of ethnic and cultural diversity at the workplace, and give you insight on the roles that foreign employees are taking in Japanese companies’ innovation and globalization.

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Visionary Management: video documentaries

【Visionary Management】Focus on domestic IT talent alone; a big loss【Cyber Security Cloud, Inc.】


Cyber Security Cloud develops and offers subscriptions of Web security services that utilize AI technology. It also researches cyber attacks, and develops AI technology.

【Visionary Management】Gather diverse talent through internationalization of half of the workforce【Axross Co.,LTD】


Axross is developing various systems such as FIWARE (Future Internet WARE = next-generation Internet infrastructure software) that creates “Smart City”, drone utilization in the business scene, and AR.

【Visionary Management】It’s not about hiring foreigners, it’s about gathering people with diverse ideas【Nulab Inc.】


Nulab was founded in Fukuoka in 2004, before expanding across the globe with offices in Amsterdam, New York City, Kyoto, Singapore, and Tokyo. Nulab develops and provides Backlog, Cacoo, Typetalk, and Nulab Pass, services that promote team collaboration.